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The Leader in Greeting Card Assembly

And Marketplace Fulfillment

*Barnes and Noble

*Paper Source

*TJ Max



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Greeting Card Specialists

From general sleeving to complex wholesale shipments

Multiple years of experience in the marketplace fulfillment community

Dedicated and committed team for your company's success

With over 20 years in the industry, Fulfillmentree

is the standard for Barnes and Noble, Paper Source,

TJ Max, Ross and all wholesale and retail orders.

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Hand Services

Fulfillmentree also offers an unlimited amount of Hand Services.

Kitting, Inserting, Stuffing


Gluing, Taping,  Assembly


Collating, Labeling, Packaging

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Customer Testimonials

The Fulfillmentree team are absolute rockstars. They are essential to our business and I don’t know how we operated for years without them. They are efficient, attentive to detail and FAST! If we have a deadline, the Fulfillmentree team are always eager to meet it and exceed expectations. They fold, insert envelopes and clear cello sleeve every single card for Chez Gagné, literally hundreds of thousands. They barcode sticker our larger big box store orders and give us an inventory of what was completed for every job. They also take care of all of our catalog mailings. Cannot recommend Fulfillmentree enough!

Alex Gagné Glover
Owner + HBIC | Chez Gagné

The entire team at Fulfillmentree are a pleasure to work with. They always exceed expectations and work tirelessly to ensure that our standards of quality are always met. We are grateful to have them as part of our team and we can’t recommend them enough.

Denise Troy
CEO | Founder

Five stars!

I really wish I started using Fulfillmentree years ago! Their fulfillment services are top notch and exceeded my expectations. We've been working with Fulfillmentree to fulfill our big box retailer stationery orders. But we decided after only one test run to use their services for all future print orders. This really helps free me up as I'm a small card operation now but do have a lot of wholesale orders to pack on a regular basis. I'm so happy because now this allows me to grow my business and use more of my own personal time to design more and handle other creative matters. You won't be disappointed. Thanks for everything!

Julie Stewart
Kiss and Punch Designs

I'm so happy I started working with Fulfillmentree. We use their services to package, label and ship big box greeting card orders and they have been so easy to work with that I wish we had discovered them sooner. They are incredibly quick, reliable and detailed in their work - I can't recommend them enough!

Sarah Hanks Owner & Miss Fancy Pants

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Throughout our extensive history working with the Creative and Marketing community we've formed strong alliances with some of the most Detailed and Affordable shops in the Industry. Through our partnerships we can handle your Project from start to finish.







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